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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  February 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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in sunnyvale. good evening, i'm brian hackney. i'm ann notarangelo. the accident happened at the tonight, a person is dead and another seriously injured after an afternoon crash. good evening.
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[broken audio ] a woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk. they say the dog somehow got loose and the owner chased after that dog. that is when a driver lost control of a car and hit 2 people at the intersection of wolfe road and sara oaks avenue. the car came to a stop near the sidewalk. now, the police say the person who died was a woman in her 50s. they say because that woman had very short hair witnesses initially thought the victim was a man. that is where all of that confusion came from initially. paramedics rushed a woman in her 30s to the hospital. >> a man with a dog, the dog
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just left, he ran out. he was trying to chase him and then the car ran him over. >> what was going through your mind when you saw that? >> i got scared. i got nervous. >> reporter: the police have not confirmed the dog-chasing story as the cause. they are still investigating the cause. now, the witnesses say the dog was okay and ran away. let's come back live now. as for the driver of that car the police say that the person did stay behind and did cooperate with the police. they say at this point alcohol was not a factor in this accident. they are still trying to piece together all what happened here. >> this is the latest of a series of crashes in the bay area. we learned one of 2 people hit in a fruit state has died. after the couple was hit the driver took off and smashed into a parked car and then a pole. the 25-year-old driver was
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arrested for dui. a heist in san francisco. thieves broke into a stereo shop? the early morning hours. tonight the store owner tells mark kelly they forget one important thing. >> reporter: his stereo shop got hit hard, literally. >> they backed into the store. >> at 4:00 this morning thieves stole a pick up truck. sawed the security gate in half and hauled his pricey stereo systems right out of the show room. >> a pair of those are $15,000. >> reporter: he suspects they stole $15 to $45,000 worth of equipment. i feel like we have been -- what is the word for it? violated in some form or another. a witness heard the crash she was sleeping above the crash.
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>> we heard a huge boom. we both thought it was a earthquake at first. >> reporter: she and her husband raced to the window but too late to spot the thieves. >> you can tell he thrown something in the back of it. and that it took off towards the tunnel. >> he is left with a tobs -- with a store to rebuild. >> reporter: he also left with the laugh. they are sold as a match pair. >> they are useless as a single item. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. tonight we are learning a huge fire in the castro district yesterday did more than $1 million in damage. it displaced a dozen people. the investigators are back at the scene to pin down the cause of the 3 alarm fire. right now they happening it was an electrical problem. the flames did extensive damage to the top floor of the building. crews are clearing out all of the debris. nobody was hurt in the fire.
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also it in san francisco crews fixed a broken pipe that caused a sinkhole by davie symphony hall. a little bit of water left over from the mess. you can see the old pipes that they removed. the crews filled in the massive hole that opened up. no word on what caused that pipe to snap. a leaking aqua duct left a mess. the biggest challenge, how to turn off all of the water. >> come on back, enjoy the view. >> reporter: on monday morning he was asleep in his home on this quiet street when the phone rang. >> the neighbors called and said you have tons of water running, why are you running water, we are in a drought. >> reporter: it was not him, a pipeline behind him began leaking. the drought was temporarily over. water poured under the fence, cascading into the backyard.
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the yard was so full of muddy water that a mudd worker almost stepped in the pool. >> the water is coming from there. i don't have access to it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: mudd could not turn it off, earth. they said it was dangerous to shut it off quickly and if it burst it could take out their home completely. >> it was over two days. >> it flowed for two days. >> two theys they could not turn off the water. >> reporter: the crews finished yesterday. but the cleanup continues,. the walls of their pool chanced inward but mudd says they will be responsible. >> as long as they cover everything, you know, we understand. it happens. you knows. >> at least your garden got a good watering. >> a great watering. it is green. >> reporter: which i guess is the silver lining to a flood even when there is not a cloud
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in the sky. in walnut creek, kpix5. >> it is estimated more than half a million gallons of water flowed out into the pipeline before it was shut off. dockworkers disrupted operations at the port of oakland, arbitrators ruled they took part in an illegal work stoppage. the longshoreman all took breaks at the same time according to the port operator. other things happened that slowed down productivity. they were sent home for the day but another batch of workers should be there tonight. operations are back to normal on all of the other ports on the west coast. don't look down. daredevils are going to extreme heights to get the best selfieses along one california bridge. but the deputies say the fun is over. stepped up security at malls ac
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there is no credible evidence suggesting an attack on u.s. malls is this in the works. >> the announcement comes after a group released a video threatening an a tarbgs. meg oliver - - an attack.
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malls have been on high alert. >> reporter: a video was released late on saturday. in a video, a man with a face that is covered with a towel says westgate is just the beginning. he is referring to the 2013 attack where 67 people were killed during a tearist siege. on suspend is, homeland security secretary jay johnson urged shoppers to be cautious. >> we now have a situation where groups like isil, a2ap, they are publicly calling for individual actors to carry out attacks in their homelands. and in my judgment that represents a new environment. >> reporter: the video singled out minnesota's mall of america as well as six others. they have recruited members from minnesota in the past. it is home to the largest sumolly population in america.
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>> they are keeping attention on shopping areas. >> i feel extremely safe. police men are all here, and state patrol is there. >> reporter: inteleagainst officials say they have not shown ability to launch major external operations outside of east africa. they warp that strikes bike lone actors or individuals with loose affiliations with terrorist groups are on the rise. meg oliver if for cbs news, new york. it in 2013, they released a recruitmentment video called minnesota martyrs. encouraged young men living in min min to go there to join the jihad. all eyes on the oscars tonight, the social media push to get the right questions asked on the red carpet. >> we have the answer to the all important question, when is it going to rain again? this i
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dozens of people volunteered to fight fire. they were pulling a fresh broom across skyline beneficial and asked to fill four dumpsters. brooms spreads in thick strands and it is a major fire hazard in bay area hills. with with the warm weather and the drought the oakland fire department is worried about the tk-rpbltsss. pulling it rather - - the dangers. >> pulling it is hard work but it is better that cutting it. >> you would see an inferno going up the hillside. extremely difficult to stop the fire here with this type of fuel load here. >> it makes fires burn more
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intensely and do more damage. fire burns four times faster going uphills. so getting rid of the underbrush like this is crucial. >> and that was wendy takuta. tonight, sheriff deputies are putting an end to dangerous and poe taoerpblly deadly trend. people have been flocking to a -- potentially deadly trend. people have been flocking to areas to take selfies. 30 people trespassing. take a look at them. the bridge is 730 feet high. as high as the golden gate bridge roadbed. people are scaling over the sides, climbing on the rails under neither. the photos and the videos of the stunts are all over youtube. so many people are doing it this now they are adding kra pat roles around the bridge. they are considering putting barbed wire up where there is easy access. the stars are all in hollywood tonight for the 87th academy awards. neil patrick harris is hosting
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the ceremony. he walked the red carpet earlier along with other stars. hash tag askhermore is trending today. a big push to get interviewsers to ask actresses deeper questions. reeseing whitherspoon who says we are more than our dresses. we are happy to be here and talk about the work that we have done. [ laughter ] >> actors have no problems talking about themselves. i am sure they are welcoming this new trend. as we look at clear skies around the bay area. it is wind withy out there. we will get increasingly windy as the night goes on. we are looking live. the temperatures right now at 61 degrees in concord, 62 for oak land, san jose by the way. livermore, 62. sanfrancisco, 63. and in san jose it is -- it is 62. wind advisories are posted for winds increasing, gusts to 50 miles an hour. sustained northerlies. 45 miles an hour. there are are downed trees and
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power lines and potentials with winds that strong. but, we have seen stronger winds over the past three weeks. they are up a bit. vacville, 39. the temperatures will mostly be in the middle 50s at about 8:00 tonight. tomorrow morning we will start out with sunny skies and the temperatures, oh, they will feel brisk with the winds mixing with the temperatures 49 degrees around the bay. what is happening, really sharp high pressure that is off of the pacific northwest. and, and it is going to combine with this low that is going over the air force base. because these two are so close together it is like a atmosphere, a steep slope in the atmosphere. the winds are getting pulled around the battle between the high and the low. off shores in northwesterlies. so, it flowed overnight. and gusts up to 35-45 miles
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aphour. sunny and dry for the rest of the week. high pressure for the coast others keeping us dry through thursday and then things can change. bright colors, strong winds, you can see as we run the time lapse at 6:00 tomorrow morning we see the purple over the northern half. stronger winds are in the north bay. pretty windy elsewhere, too. the winds retreat as the day goes on. we will slowly relax the wind for tomorrow evening. so, gusty winds developing in tonight. sunny tomorrow, the winds easing late in the day. dry through thursday. overnight lows, 35 degrees in santa rosa, 39 for san jose and close to average for this time of the year. 63 in san mateo. middle 60s for the most part. up in the north bay, phrepbty of sun, 62 in santa rosa. far -- plenty of sun, 62 in
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santa rosa. the head lineups lineups -- the headlines this week will be the winds. a family van was shuttling around more than just her kids. in the door was 13.5 pounds of pot. the car owner says she was having trouble getting the door to lock so a friend pried open the panel to fix it. that is when they found the drugs. they were likely stashed there by the van's previous owner more than 13 years stphaoeg year -- 13 years ago. >> i would like to lead with the cal's story. the first to win a pga tournament. incredible story. what happened after the day tona fivethat got the champion in trouble. and seth curry could not play for for the
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just three days after having two stints inserted around his his heart, giant's manager bruce bochy is back with with the the team. he got a look in scottsdale. he was advised by the giant's medical staff to have the procedure after a routine physical. he made it sound like changing spark plugs. >> i am good to go. i could of walked out of there. that is how good i felt when
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she put the stents in. i eat well. you know, i watch what i eat and pretty much, and now it is a good thing. now i guess i have been told i got another couple hundred,000 miles left on -- couple hundred,000 more miles left on this truck. -- hundred thousand more miles left on this truck. now, nascar. jeff gordon started his last daytona 500 with his kids. now, tony stewart's drought continues. his day cut short after 72 laps. he enough one the big race. >> grand marx put your teeth in your pocketbook for this one. [ laughter ] >> 3 laps to go, joey lagano pulls ahead on the restart. but then the caution nag was back out after a 51 car wreck put an end to a suspensionful
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finish. he won the daytona under a yellow flag. >> he wins the they tona 500. >> we got a 500 guys. [screaming] -- he wins the daytona 500. we got a 500, guys. [screaming] >> his wife was not too happy after the race. >> the cool ring that you got, given your -- >> which one? i got two cool ones. >> given your track record with rings what are you going to do with that one? >> i hope i don't lose this one. this one is harder to replace, i think, well, i take that back. [ laughter ] oh. >> okay. hang o hang on. hang on. well, -- >> wait, hang on here. what i meant -- [ laughter ] >> what i meant to say -- >> digging deeper. >> she is still here with me. it is just a symbol. she is with me all of the time. she would be impossible to replace. -- awe.
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[ laughter ] >> there you go. that is how you redeem yourself. [ laughter ] >> it is funny. he is a newlywed. he tied the knot if december. the war -- warriors, curry was held out because of an ankle injury. enter the third quarter. the bank stays open for stucky. he beat the buzzer to put the pacers up by 3. he led indiana with 30 points. less than 2 minutes to play. thompson drills the 3 to cut the lead to 1. he led with 39 points. the pacers would have the answers today. david west, making a pass, cj miles, hitting the dagger. indiana wins. the warriors hope to have him back tuesday night against the wizards. somebody is jacked out of their minds for stanford and cal. stanford freshman, mc phee came off of the bench and exphroezed
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for ex-- exploded off of bench. now, brittany had all 12 of her points after the break. the bears win 63-53. submitting the season series and tie the cardinals for 3rd place in the pac-12. final round in the northern trust open in l.a. garcia had a 1-stroke lead but bogeyed 17. this shot left them in a 3-way may off. now, this is for birdie, putting the pressure on johnson. yes. he could not be etch watch -- even watch johnson as he missed the putt. so, james haan, the cal product wins his first career pga tournament. the first cal product to win on the tour. i met him a couple years ago at pebble beach. he thought he had game but he
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ended up working selling shoes at nordstrom but he wanted to give it another shot and he did. and he wins. >> "game day". >> well, we manny ramierez tonight. >> looking forward to it, sir.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: tonight, and expanded edition of "60 minutes presents: remembering bob simon." it's hard to imagine what cbs news would have been like over the past 47 years without bob simon. >> you don't think that socialism necessarily... >> pelley: for decades, his reports were the centerpiece of major broadcasts on world events, from places like the philippines... >> this could have been as close as the 20th century has come to the storming of the bastile. >> if it shuts down and pulls out, sarajevo will become a slaughterhouse. >> pelley: ...and haiti... >> the only law that enforces darwin's law, the survival of the fittest. >> pelley: ...just to name a few. propelled by natural curiosity and wanderlust... >> boy, oh, boy.


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